Ready to take your talent to the next level?

How We Can Help You Become a Better Jumper

The FAJA was established with the goal in mind of helping athletes achieve competitive readiness to perform at the "next level".  Our athletes are introduced to chronological and physiological age-appropriate training that reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injury while improving tendons, ligaments and strengthening muscles.

Our focus is long-term athlete development and ensuring continued positive sport experiences . We help our athletes acquire a better understanding of their event discipline and the training techniques required to reach higher levels of performance.

Technically our training is the drill-based training. We do a lot of technical drills (running, hurdle jumps) away from the mat. Relevant parameters such as, for example, hip acceleration in the penultimate support are developed in drills and then transferred to the approach and the whole jump. This allows for more repetitions and better learning. In terms of conditioning it is general body strength, especially trunk stabilisation. But the most important aspect is that athletes have to learn that it’s not volume that counts. Just doing something and repeating it a hundred times means nothing. In the end it’s quality that counts.

 FAJA coaches are committed to competitive athletes at all levels; youth, high school, college/university, to achieve their serious athletic goals.  Remember, it's great to jump high or far at any time, but jumping high or far when it counts is much more important and we can help.