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Dermott Smith: Founder/Program Director

"Stick to what you know." And so he did. Dermott Smith is the Founder & Program Director at First Attempt Jumps Academy (FAJA). Sporting a personal best high jump mark of 2.19m or 7'2", he has always had a passion for track and field and in particular the high jump discipline.

Over the span of some 20 years, Dermott have personally coached and or assisted in the training of numerous horizontal and high jumpers, many achieving next level success as Canadian national team members as well as U.S. scholarship recipients.

Dermott hope that future jumpers of all levels and abilities will see FAJA as an exciting opportunity to come and learn the technical skills they need to become better championship caliber jumpers. He invites athletes, male and female ages of 12 and up to come try their feet at jumping.