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About First Attempt Jumps Academy

The FIRST ATTEMPT JUMPS ACADEMY (FAJA) in Kitchener, Ontario, was initially established in August 2015 with the aim of supporting select athletes with coaching necessary for them to develop and improve their competitive results in the Long, High and Triple jump disciplines at provincial, national and world level events.

The club’s high standard is documented by the results achieved by several members including those achieved prior to the official start of the club. Athletes coached by FAJA's coaches have  participated at the Olympic Games, North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC), Universiade, World Junior Championships and national championships. Maintaining this high standard of competitive results means only athletes who are serious about training are considered for club membership.   

The achievements of the athletes who have already trained with FAJA is proof of the possibility for a successful participation in sports when provided with comprehensive program planning, a motivating and challenging environment, and high-quality coaching.  

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" Every great athlete started with a first attempt!"


FAJA is a proud registered member of Athletics Ontario and Athletics Canada


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