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Our approach to athlete success is built on a solid foundation of fundamentals! We understand that success doesn't come easy, but learning advanced skills through systematic introduction is much easier with fundamentally sound skill set.

We can help you master technique and perform at your optimal best. FAJA coaches have been there...and done that. Let us help you maximize your potential.


Tacuma Anderson-Richards Canadian Jr. Triple Jump Record Holder, Sr. Silver Medalist (P.B. 15.90m Triple Jump, 2.12m High Jump)
Ryan Taylor Canadian Jr. Triple Jump Champion, Long Jump Silver Medalist
Alex W. Canadian Jr. Men's High Jump Champion (P.B. 2.19m)
Michelle K. Canadian Women's High Jump Champion (P.B. 1.88m)
Nathaniel M. Canadian Jr. Champ & Record Holder (Decathlon)

"Life is trying things to see if they work." Ray Bradbury

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